IFFB 2018

Bent On Somnolence

Bent On Somnolence tells a deep, fictional story of how a lonely man, tortured by his insomnia, breaks free from his hamster wheel job, his money traps, and changes his life. He slaps down his drug addictions, kicks his conditioning in its ass and takes a leap of faith. He then discovers some life changing…

Bagheera (Nominated in Best Short Film Category)

This dark yet uplifting film noir thriller follows BAGHEERA, a determined young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop, who equips them with amazing survival skills, courage and determination. Abducted by a terrifying psychopath, she uses her honed skills of her many achievement badges and adept intuition to defy her captor, escape his clutches and…


Ritika, Salma and Kabir are no strangers to hardship, but this particular night has taken them to new lows. The story follows these three as they try to cope with the challenges they face. This is an intimate journey into the hearts and minds of these three individuals whose true feelings are revealed through poetry.


Social business is one that uses business to solve social problems. Equity holders may gradually recoup their investments, costs and profits without taking dividends. Following the Bangladeshi Nobel laureate Prof. Yunus, the film shows how it works across the business spectrum, including multinational companies, very small enterprises and even a circus company in Cambodia.

MY DEAR WIFE (Selected for Screening)

Saajan and Ila a middle aged married couple, who keeps fighting with each other because over the years their marriage has turned so sour that the only way they can keep their passion alive is by taking jibes at each other all the time. Which underlies that they cannot live together but also don’t want…

The Great Indian Road Movie

On the Life Road ‘The Great Indian Road Movie’ was visualized by travelling over fifteen thousand kilometres across seventeen states of India. This is the story of a nine year old blind boy who lives in the state of Kerala, his desire to see and to know the truth about his life. The boy’s father…


I have created a documentary about my daughter Sarah, which was born in 2010. The doctors told her mother and me that she is totally blind and won’t be able to see for her whole life. We were dramatically shocked, however, at the moment, I pondered to make a documentary to depict her struggling life.…


Directed by – Thinky Siqi Xiao, Majik Jingwei Zhou Thinky constantly lip syncs his music, so an irritated god makes the singer fart uncontrollably. But eventually Thinky learns his lesson and begins to use his fart as a superpower. How ???? Watch the movie in IIFFB-2018