Short Films – All kind of Short fiction, animation films, Duration 15 minutes with opening and closing credits. no geographic boundaries.

Samskara (Impressions)

ccording to various schools of Indian philosophy, every action, intent or preparation experienced by an individual leaves a Samskara (Impression/Impact/Imprint) in the deeper structure of his or her mind. These impressions then await volitional fruition in that individual’s future, in the form of hidden expectations, circumstances or unconscious sense of self-worth. These Samskara manifest as…

Shraddha (Faith)

Shraddha is a short narrative drama that explores ideas of faith and spirituality. Through the film , different perceptions that people have about religious leaders in the country are investigated. This film was made as my thesis project for my MFA at Emerson college, Boston.

Bagheera (Nominated in Best Short Film Category)

This dark yet uplifting film noir thriller follows BAGHEERA, a determined young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop, who equips them with amazing survival skills, courage and determination. Abducted by a terrifying psychopath, she uses her honed skills of her many achievement badges and adept intuition to defy her captor, escape his clutches and…


Ritika, Salma and Kabir are no strangers to hardship, but this particular night has taken them to new lows. The story follows these three as they try to cope with the challenges they face. This is an intimate journey into the hearts and minds of these three individuals whose true feelings are revealed through poetry.


Directed by – Thinky Siqi Xiao, Majik Jingwei Zhou Thinky constantly lip syncs his music, so an irritated god makes the singer fart uncontrollably. But eventually Thinky learns his lesson and begins to use his fart as a superpower. How ???? Watch the movie in IIFFB-2018

No Wonder (Child Artist Nominated)

One Parents are concerned with their seven years old kid’s behavior… They are trying to find out root cause and making multiple visits to a child psychiatric. . . Anjani has multi-dimensional Theater & Film experience in India and the USA for over 15 years. He has won several regional, national, and international awards in…