Brunch Wars, Habaneros, My Inspired World, La Llorona, Unbinding and Forbidden

  • India International Film Festival 2019
    September 14, 2019
    1:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Brunch Wars (10 min)

Brunch WarsThree best friends meet every month for a cook off where they each prepare a dish and try and outdo one another. But this time, revenge is on the menu when unresolved issues from their past bubble to the surface.

Habaneros (15 min)

Habaneros How important a role does tolerance, acceptance and patience play for a woman of substance looking for romance in today’s political and social climate? Habaneros will give you some answers, or maybe leave you with a few questions of your own!

My Inspired World (20 min)

tHE iNSPIRE wORLD ‘My Inspired World’ is a short film about a regular guy named Carlton who suddenly finds himself living homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. Carlton desperately searches to create a life of purpose in the streets, after having had his life changed by a moment’s decision.

La Llorona (23 min)

LA LLORENANA After a harsh breakup, Pranay decides to ease the pain with alcohol. Little did he knows his life was about to change when he encounters a young undead bride looking for revenge.

Unbinding (13 min)

Unbinding The teenage Director is endeavoring to voice up the issue of desire, so pulsating it transcends everything. ‘Unbinding’ unveils beguiling and enchanting woman’s uncanny relationship with the century old Banyan tree, where back becomes the bark, stimulating the audience to forego terming such desirable women as witches.

Forbidden (20 min)

Forbiden Forbidden is a short dramatic thriller inspired by a true story that follows a Sikh woman named Jasleen, who is running away with her Muslim lover, Fahwaz.Jasleen’s culture and religious conscious parents want her to marry within the Sikh community, and are shocked when she suddenly disappears. After Jasleen and Fahwaz elope, they think they have found happiness—but Jasleen’s family tracks the couple down and commit horrific acts in defense of their family honor.Parking for Wheelock Family Theatre at the Boston UniversityWheelock Family Theatre patrons and guests can find parking at the MASCO garage located at 375 Longwood Avenue, between Brookline Avenue (Longwood Medical Area) and The Riverway. The garage is located behind Temple Israel and is only a short walk to the front doors of Wheelock Family Theatre. Please visit the MASCO website for more information on current discounted evening and weekend rates. There is no validation necessary for discounted parking at the MASCO garage.Limited on-street parking is available in front of the theatre, please obey all posted signage. (“Live Parking” means that someone is sitting in the vehicle at all times while it is parked)MASCO Garage Rates and Hours The garage at 375 Longwood Avenue is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.Evening rate $8.00 in after 3:30 pm, out by 8:30 am next day.Weekend rate $8.00 for each 24 hours, in after 3:30 pm Friday, out by 8:30 am Monday.Customers without tickets will be charged the maximum daily rate.For more information, please contact the garage office at 617-632-2881 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.Map Address: 375 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA (Approx 5-6 minutes walking from the Wheelock Family Theatre To view this location on a map, please click here 


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