The Last Color

Opening Night at JFK Library

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

The Last Color: The film is the screen adaptation of Chef Vikas Khanna’s novel The Last Color, which follows the friendship between a young tight-rope walker and a widow named Noor in Vrindavan. The duo yearns to play with colors on the occasion of Holi, but Noor and the other widows are held back by tradition.

VVIP Ticket: Meet & Greet with Vikas Khanna and a pass, for a couple, to the programs from Sept 13, to Sept 15, 2019.  Reserved Seats. Please Contact Us.

Free access to the John F. Kennedy Museum and Parking for IIFFB Pass holders.

There are Two Venues: Sept 13th, at JFK Presidential Library, Boston, and Sept 14th and 15th at Wheelock Family Theatre at the Boston University. Details of Films, dates and time are listed at the Front page or Event Summary Page

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