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Ramasseri village in Palakkat.Here,people struggle to get drinking water. The only support for them is the drinking water tanks that arrive there once in a while.But most of the time the water in the tank is insufficient for everyone to have.
Appu, a eleven year old boy, who lives in this village go through severe hardships.He was completely taken aback when his mother was detected of having cancer. That woman, who already had a paralyzed hand, was affected by cancer, unawares. On knowing about this,Appu’s father divorces his wife .Then,the responsibility of running the household falls on Appu. Appu started getting late to school.He used to be punished by Balan Sir for that.
Only, the headmaster of the school encouraged Appu who used to be good at studies and also used to draw beautiful picrtures. His classmate,Srikutty, was the only companion for him.Srikutty also used to like Appu. For Appu, who didn’t have many friends,the trees and the birds in the village were his friends. Appu, who didn’t have any relatives, it was these friends who consoled him on his sorrows.
For Appu, those trees were his grandparents ,his brother and his sister And he shared his sorrows with them. He loved them like his own soul. That news reached the village quite unexpectedly.Some people reached the village to cut down all those trees.And they start cutting them down one by one.A beggar called Bhaskaran who goes crazy seeing all this, requests Appu to protect the trees from being cut down. He asks Appu to come out in the open against this cruelty towards nature. Appu who is still a young boy gets ready to protect nature and his own mother.
‘Green’ is Appu’s journey in search of greenery.

Q&A: Panel Discussions with Directors and Producers of Pacha

Parking for Wheelock Family Theatre at the Boston University

Wheelock Family Theatre patrons and guests can find parking at the MASCO garage located at 375 Longwood Avenue, between Brookline Avenue (Longwood Medical Area) and The Riverway. The garage is located behind Temple Israel and is only a short walk to the front doors of Wheelock Family Theatre. Please visit the MASCO website for more information on current discounted evening and weekend rates. There is no validation necessary for discounted parking at the MASCO garage.

Limited on-street parking is available in front of the theatre, please obey all posted signage. (“Live Parking” means that someone is sitting in the vehicle at all times while it is parked)

MASCO Garage Rates and Hours
The garage at 375 Longwood Avenue is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Evening rate $8.00 in after 3:30 pm, out by 8:30 am next day.

Weekend rate $8.00 for each 24 hours, in after 3:30 pm Friday, out by 8:30 am Monday.

Customers without tickets will be charged the maximum daily rate.

For more information, please contact the garage office at 617-632-2881 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Address: 375 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA (Approx 5-6 minutes walking from the Wheelock Family Theatre
To view this location on a map, please click here

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