The Sprint, The Disguise, & Cheers Short Films

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The Sprint: (24 min)
The Sprint
Famous athlete Anju is arrested for a non-bailable offence. Her own friend Susmita lodges an FIR where she claims that Anju tried to rape her.
But is it possible for a woman to be raped by another woman? The incident creates a furore among the media and the public. As per the court’s directive, Anju undergoes a medical examination. Her medical report confounds everyone. Anju was born a girl. She was just like any other normal girl even when she started playing. But later, she had undergone drastic hormonal changes, and started showing symptoms of eunuchism. In other words, she developed excess male hormones in her body. Although she knew about it, she kept it as a closely guarded secret. But she gradually came to realise, and accept, that she was a lesbian. The court released her after she went through medical examination.
But what will happen to Anju now?
How is the society going to react to her condition? Will they accept her in the same way as before?

Language: Bengali (English subtitles)Q & A with Director: HEMANTA KUMAR DAS

The Disguise:  (18 min)
The disguise
The Disguise is an intimate film about the lives of two women in London. One is conservative, holding on to her native symbols and customs, while the other is liberal and assimilated into the western world. One day, an incident on the road, a hate crime, pushes matters to a head, and forces them to rethink their concepts of identity.
This film makes no attempt to arrive at any answers, and instead just leaves some questions hanging: what is culture? What is integration? What is acceptance? And who decides how we choose to live?

Language: English
Director: Sandeep A. Varma

Cheers: (18 min)
We all have a fantastic life but we spoil it with our silly ideas of how to live it. This is story is about how in trying to define a relationship, we actually end up confining it. One such definition is marriage and this is what is discussed in Cheers by two intimately close friends – one of whom is helping the other decide against a bad marriage that she has chosen to live with for some time now, thus stifling herself from all the happiness she is entitled to. While the intent of the friend seem questionable, the story is about why she trusts him more than anyone else with this issue that she is facing.
Language: English  
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