Palayan (Nominated for Critics Choice)

Rani is sitting on the bed decorated with roses. Its her first night after marriage, she is excited and happy. Rakesh enters the room and sits besides Rani. He puts his hand on her waist. She comes close and they start their night with a beautiful and passionate kiss. From being passionate kiss turns being vulgar and violent. Rani hurts his ego. This is when Rakesh turns all violent and dangerous. He forces her for a blowjob. He comes on to her for a wild intercourse. Takes her blouse of, bites her all over the neck, chocks her during the intercourse and finally in the end when he is satisfied he ejaculates on her face. She is all shattered; her eyes are swollen crying all through the night. She goes in the washroom and cries her heart out. She comes back to the room sits besides the window and hears music coming from a distance, its then she remembers her Bansuri, which is her way of escape. Rakesh in the morning informs her about Mausi coming at home. Mausi and her daughter Samu come and meet Rani to explain the ritual that is followed in the village. A girl has to live during her menstrual cycle in a secluded home away from village. After few days Rani leaves for the secluded home. When she comes back she faces the same torture by her husband. Rape does not end and day-by-day Rani starts getting into the state of numbness. One day she is a part of the tree pooja and is playing Bansuri. Rakesh notices her and feels extremely jealous. When Rani comes back home she is expecting Rakesh will do something with her today, which is even worse. But then he does nothing and sleeps. When Rani wakes up in the morning she finds her Bansuri broken on the floor. She is all devastated. The only thing, which makes her happy, is taken from her. Now she plans and plots and makes her way of escape.


Nominated for Critics Choice

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