Thank you team IIFFB-2018

by Razia MashkoorThank you, IIFFB-2018 TeamSo, friends and movie lovers the three days event coming to the end. As a community you all did a great help, came to the event, enjoyed the screening, and participated in discussions about the films. Thank’s to all of you.Few months ago, I had an idea: nourishing and cherishing the creative community of Boston. My priority has always been bringing creative peoples together. Founding IIFFB at grand level with well-crafted and emotionally attached people with Indian & Independent cinema.  our program has grown to include talks, presentations, discussions and international screenings. However, my priority had remained the same.Before we move to the award ceremony, I would like to thanks that made this journey as beautiful as this gala night is.Thanks to the Guests who flew from India and other states of the USA.Mr. Arif Memon, Mr Sri Mirajkar, Sangeeta Agrawal, Javed pathan, Ikhlaq Khan and last but not least Ms. Mehnaaz Nadiadwala. Thank you so much for gracing the event.Our sponsors: Kanchan Thareja Bhatt, Shehla Gul, (from New York Life), Vandana Malhotra, Parvin Gill from Masala Bay & Bollywood Grill, Eshani & Chandu Shah and my love Mrs. Anuradha Palakurthi and Mr. Prashanth Palakurthi for being our backbone throughout the event.Judges: I think the most tough part of any film festival is “selection of films” out of more then 40+ of submmissions. Our judges team Ikhlaq Khan Razia Mashkoor, lead by Subrata Das did great to select the best out of best films. Big shout out to the judges for the help during the festival.Supporters: Puran Dang uncle, Kamlesh auntie, Bini & Harish Dang, Dr. Manju Sheth, Upendra Mishra, Preetesh Srivastava, Yollay, Eventbrite, Ivan, Shailini Sisodia, Meera Sidharth, Ram Varuganti, Twinkle Morbia, Chandu Shah, Eshani Shah, NRI Life, SRAEO, Gunjan Malhotra, Hungamacity, Rohit Bhambi, FilmFreeway, Neelam Wali, We the People Dream. I know I cannot do much without you specially Dr Manju Sheth. Who always stand next to me in my all thick and thin. Thank you, my friend you are more then a team or supporter for me.Thanks to the team:On behalf of IIFFB-2018, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by my team. The endless hours that you have spent working on this project, and the professionalism that you have shown has impressed us and as the entire team immensely.First, I would like to invite Poonam Ahluwalia, please come on stage, as we all know that this event will not happened without you. Thank you for assisting IIFFB team. It only goes to show how dedicated you are in wanting to achieve the best for this film festival. The IIFFB team could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much.Sunayana Kachroo what can I say about you my friend, as a Director of Film Submission your help can’t express in words. Despite it that your film is submitted in the festival, you were there on each call of mine. Thank you so much and wishing you more success.Now I would like to invite Anuradha Upneja my right hand on this film festival. Your diligence, self-motivation, as well as dedication have been a source of inspiration for the rest of the team. You always keep your eyes on even on the minor details, thank you so much my friend.My sound and AV team Ramakrishna Penumarthy, Ramesh Dadigala, Surendar Madadi, Shankar Magapu, we are impressed with the work produced by 4 of you. Your technical abilities, execution, hard work and determination were paid off today and we are truly grateful that you are in my team of IIFFB now and forever 😊Anu Sharma, You, took interviews and keep celebrities engage with cute questions. You did great, a job well done as a host of red carpet. Keep on shining, girl.Suraja Menon Roychowdhury, One of the kindest cutest friends of IIFFB team. Thank you so much for your help in many ways. You are truly movie buff, did great as a moderator, putting so much interactive question in front of audience. I surely admit that your session was just perfect and went smoothly. Thank you my dear.Eshani Shah, Promotion and sponsorship as a PR you work is commendable thank you for your work you have done for IIFFB.Rekha Palriwala, Any, event in Boston cannot happened without your help Rekha. You are a heart of the event. Thank you for helping us in promotion, ticketing and front desk.Mahesh Parliwala Ji your help with transportation of celebrities and helping article on each day program keep us on track to promote event promptly. Thank you so much.Pooja Tiwari, Thank you in promotion and presenting a tribute to SriDevi. You and your dance group including, Shweta, Minakshi, Teena, Nishtha. Thank you girls.Hamida Marchant Thank you for accepting to be our EMCC. Loved your stage appearance was so graceful.Rashmi Mathur you are with me from day one. I cannot forget what and how much you did with me. Keep eyes on each n everything shown your organizational skills and perfection to get it done.Reema Aggarwal thank you for helping in many ways specially vendors management.Poppy Charnalia; Thank you my friend to help me in moderation and promotion. You are awesome my dear in many ways.Rajan Nayar We met late but thank you for helping me in transportation of celebrities. Thank you so much.Shyla Abhimutt thank so much for the woderful dj. You are awesome in town.Parul Kumar thank you Parul for helping us to take care of the guest all three days.Ravi Shahani, thank you for promotion.Vishal, Thank you Vishal for your help in organization and picking up the celebrities and taking care of them. Thank you.Dr. Suhaib Siddiqi, As I always says and strongly believe that without family support it’s hard to do anything.. Specially women who step out to live their dream, American dream. Like me, when I look back I saw my father a strong supporter of me, and now my hubby Dr. Suhaib Siddiqi. He has blind faith on me. Whatever i said he is up and stand with me. I know thank you is not enough to show my gratitude, love and respect for him. Thank you so much Suhaib. And thank you all whom I forgotten, please accept my thanks and gratitude.raziamashkoor@yahoo.com781-560-8123    
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