US & Mass. Premiere

IIFFB 2019

Lihaaf: The Quilt (USA Premiere)

A period drama, the film is based on Ismat Chugtai’s most celebrated story “Lihaaf” (published 1942). The film inter weaves the plot of same sex relationship between Begum and her masseuse and the trial that Ismat underwent after being slapped with a case of obscenity on publishing the story. The film raises themes of homosexuality and freedom of speech that our society is grappling with even today.

Nakkash (USA Premiere)

Nakkash (transl. The Craftsman) is a 2019 Hindi language film written and directed by Zaigham Imam, and produced by actor/producer Pawan Tiwari’s Jalsa Pictures & AB Infosoft Creation in association with Padmaja Productions, starring Filmistaan trio Inaamulhaq Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Nakkash was premiered at DCSAFF (Washington DC South Asian Film Festival) where the lead actor Inaamulhaq bagged ‘Best Actor Award’ for outstanding performance. It was also screened at SgSAIFF (Singapore South Asian International Film Festival) where director Zaigham Imam bags Emerging Filmmaker of the Year award.The first look poster of Nakkash was unveiled in Indian Pavilion at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Nakkash was released in India on limited screens on 31 May 2019[11] and received positive reviews from the critics and audience as well.

Chippa (MA Premiere)

When Chippa (Starring Sunny Pawar) is handed a letter addressed to him, from his father whom he does not remember, the little boy decides to leave his pavement abode and find out more. Unfortunately, the letter is written in Urdu so he needs someone to read it for him. A fight with his grand aunt (with whom he lives) confirms his initial intention. At the stroke of midnight, on his tenth birthday, Chippa grabs a bag full of knick-knacks, and heads out to discover the city and its street nightlife, while trying to discover the connections to his father. Chippa is a coming of age tale, told through a single night in the winters of Kolkata. While the story at its core is gritty, the film is seen through Chippa’s eyes, full of magic, wonder and enchanting conversations.

Living On The Edge (MA Premiere)

“Living On The Edge” is startling revelation about the abysmal working conditions in Bollywood which is now laying claim to be global giant and churning out thousands of hours of content. The technicians and workers are deprived of social security and long punishing working hours take their toll on their health. The basic and fundamental safety measures are absent leading to accidents with unfailing regularity. Basic facilities such as clean toilets and hygienically prepared food are not accessible. In nutshell human rights are violated on sets and locations with impunity.Directed by Opender Chanana (India) 
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