Volunteers call for IIFFB 2019

Volunteers are the lifeblood of IIFFB. We rely on the many volunteers from around the USA and India who generously dedicate their time and commitment to the IIFFB 2018. As now we just announced our 2nd India International Film Festival of Boston 2019 we are looking more volunteers along with the last years. As a non-profit event it would be great to work together in promotion of independent multi lingual international film festival. Right now, we are seeking friends who will help us in web updates, work on social media, making flyers, cards and other paper works. Interns will be welcome too. Also, it is freelance writers call too.We look for volunteers throughout the year to help our programs run smoothly—that will help independent directors, screenwriters, producers, composers, theatre-makers, virtual reality and new media creators bring their stories to life. And we can always use some extra assistance at our India international festivals in Boston. 

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