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Driven by epic scale, subject choice and deep networking, South Asia’s Independent film industry is expanding its footprint across the World, breaking language barriers on the way.

India International Film Festival of Boston (IIFFB) is proudly non-profit, non-corporate, and non-compromised. People like you help us stand up for the independent film makers from South Asia. We rely on your donations to carry out our mission to support the independent film makers and artists thrive. Will you give today?

Christopher R. Watson, Director & Producer

I was thrilled to see the nominations Bagheera received and elated that you awarded the Best Actor award to Rajesh Balwani. I feel he did an incredible job creating this creepy, threatening character and was delighted to relay this fabulous news to him a couple of days ago. My apologies that I was not able to attend the festival in person, I would dearly have liked to but it’s incredibly difficult to keep across everything at the moment. I know Rajesh will be over the moon to receive it. I hope the festival continues to grow with great inspiration and facilitate many excellent film making opportunities Sincerely Christopher R Watson, writer, director BAGHEERA, IMDB

Allen Dobrovolsky, Director & Executive Producer

Great Festival, great location and outstanding organization! Deeply honored for having been selected! Highly recommended! FilmFreeway, IMDB

Sri Mirajkar, Actor, Writer, Director & Producer

It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of the IIFFB. IIFFB is very well organized and run by a group of volunteers who are passionate about the Arts, courteous and extremely helpful. The Open Ceremony venue was spectacular to say the least with a breath-taking view. Excellent selection of films and attended by international celebrities! We were treated like family and it was an excellent experience. Thank you to the selection panel and Jury for special recognition of our short film! Definitely a festival that will grow and become one of the premiere festivals in coming years. Kudos! Habaneros. Actor, Writer, Director & Producer, FilmFreeway, IMDB

Amyth Patkar, Director/Writer/Music Composer

An international festival by the Indians for the Indians in Boston. The communication was top notch. Could not attend it personally but it was a wonderful event which is evident from their social media posts. Thank you for selecting my short ‘Black Label’. Looking forward to the future editions of IIFFB. Cheers! Director BLACK LABEL, FilmFreeway, IMDB

Joseph Channell, Director & Producer

Thank you India International Film Festival for screening our film, my Aunt was able to be in the audience and she loved being at your festival, thank for having us. MY INSPIRED WORLD, IMDB