Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna leads the way to a new culinary world  by exploring the cultural cuisine of New England. Vikas meets local legends and iconic chefs to get a taste of the “land of the free”. His “Twist of Taste” East Coast episodes shows how food can build cultural bridges between New England & India. Vikas has hosted “Master Chef India”, and was a judge for Master Chef Australia.  Vikas has hosted 4 seasons of “Twist of Taste” for Fox Life and featured consultant for Gordon Ramsey, Kitchen Nightmare. Vikas has appeared on Martha Stewart and “Throw down with Bobby Flay.  Vikas has cooked for celebrities all over the world including His Holiness the Dalai Lama , His Holiness Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, Mark Zuckerberg, President Obama President Clinton and Prime Minister Modi.  Vikas received a Michelin Star 6 consecutive years for his restaurant Junoon and has published dozens of cookbooks and has became the author of his book “The Last Color ” which has now been made into a film receiving acclaimed reviews.

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I was thrilled to see the nominations Bagheera received and elated that you awarded the Best Actor award to Rajesh Balwani. I feel he did an incredible job creating this creepy, threatening character and was delighted to relay this fabulous news to him a couple of days ago. My apologies that I was not able to attend the festival in person, I would dearly have liked to but it’s incredibly difficult to keep across everything at the moment.  I know Rajesh will be over the moon to receive it. I hope the festival continues to grow with great inspiration and facilitate many excellent film making opportunities Sincerely Christopher R Watson, writer, director BAGHEERA, IMDB

Christopher R. Watson
Christopher R. Watson, Director & Producer

Great Festival, great location and outstanding organization! Deeply honored for having been selected! Highly recommended! FilmFreeway, IMDB

Allen Dobrovolsky
Allen Dobrovolsky, Director & Executive Producer

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